Sunday, July 31, 2011

Booty from my garden

If these aren't natural treasures, well I just don't know what is.  Pictured is this week's haul from my garden.  Coming up are pics of the actual garden itself.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Well Hello World

I've finally got the blog up and running.  This may not be the final iteration of the blog but it will do for now. 

You might have noticed I haven't put up anything new for a while and have, as a matter of fact, shut down the Etsy site for the nonce.  I am busy organizing my stuff -- a lot of my inventory went up to the Steampunk World's Fair and its rather disorganized at the moment.  I've also been learning a lot of new techniques and making a lot of items for the fall and holiday seasons.  I've only to price them, take pictures, decide on names and stuff, and put them on the website.  The business part of making jewelry is a lot less fun than making the jewelry itself -- as you might imagine.

I've also been working on a few non-jewelry items that I hope to be able to offer real soon now. 

Anyway back to the blog.  What, pray tell, would I have to blog about.  Well I want to talk about the stuff I make, what sparked the creative fire for any particular piece -- if I remember that is.  I have a mind like a steel sieve.  I'll be writing about some of the new techniques I've learned in the last few months.  Speaking of new techniques, look for all my old inventory to be going on sale once I start posting all the new stuff.  I also think I'll be posting things that are not craft related -- such as telling you about the whacky (and not so whacky) music I like, my gardening efforts, and anything else that runs through my head.

So stay tuned for more content real soon.  Bye now!