Thursday, April 26, 2012

The messy workshop

We've been discussing messy workshops over at B'Sue's Blog. Someone decided it would be a good idea to share photos of our messy workshops and do a blog hop about it.  In a momentary fit of insanity, I signed up.  Rutroh.

I wish I could afford studio space but rents around here are just too high and a studio would effectively double both my monthly rent and my utilities.  Hence, I make do with TV trays near the sofa and stashing supplies anywhere I can find a likely space.  My entire apartment has become my workshop.

So with that in mind, I share with you some of the more prominent spots.  They aren't particularly good pics but I guess they will do the trick.  Click on them to make them bigger.  You'll like them more better when they are bigger.  Trust me on this one :)

The messy TV tray
The messy TV tray part the deux.  And my carpet. 

First up is the messy TV tray.  I kind of move things around and to a side in order to have working space.  I took the second shot so you could see some of the focals I'm working on right now.  You'll notice a lot of B'Sue's stuff in there!  I seem to be going through a Steampunk phase.  When am I NOT going through a Steampunk phase?

The messy cart

The messy cart part the deux

Next is the messy cart.  The cart is where I keep the bulk of my supplies -- the ones I use every day.  I'm always mostly organized because the apartment is very small and therefore organization is key.  You'll see my gaggle of tools on top of the cart there as well as a bin of wire.

Close up of the plier conglomerate

The messy bin of chemistry -- Rennaissance wax, patinas, glue, etc.  All in one place.

The messy basket of everyday components and the messy tool bag
I thought I should get a shot of my messy tool bag.  You can see a few hammers sticking up out of there and not a day goes by where I'm not using hammers.  My indispensable Sunshine cloth for polishing. Also the messy basket of findings and every day components -- in those cases are the things I use the absolute most.

The not so messy dapping block!  And ModgePodge!  And Pronoia!  Origami! Stamps!  This table has it all.

A side table with my dapping tools, my stamps, some Modge Podge and other assorted odds and ends.

A messy table of supplies.

A messy bookcase with supplies
You know those drawers B'Sue showed in her video that had a bunch of stuff.  In my house, those drawers are tupperware containers.

So now you know my deepest darkest secret -- I don't have a studio and create everything on TV trays.  One of these days someone is going to find out I'm pretending to be a real artist with a studio and everything -- but until then, my secret is safe with you, right?  After all, anything on the internet is sekret!

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