Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bead Soup!

I did this thing that jewelry makers and beaders do called Bead Soup.  The creation of Lori Anderson, the idea behind it is to spark creativity and take people outside of their comfort zone.  A bunch of artisans sign up, she assigns partners, and we send each other a focal (pendant), clasp, and other stuff.  You must use the pendant and the clasp and the other stuff is optional.  My partner is Dita Basu.

I've been remiss in posting about this and advertising this because I've been OMG busy!  So I really should have posted what Dita sent me about a month ago.  But I didn't. So here it is now:

As soon as I saw that pretty blue focal, I knew I wanted to wrap it in copper and do so in a fun way to match the whimsy of the dots. So I started doing that and then remembered I hadn't taken a picture of the package.  And I wished I'd taken a pic of the packaging too because she really did a very nice job with that and I have learned so much from her before even opening the package.  How's that for inspirational?!

I had never before wrapped a bead.  I've been meaning to.  I've wrapped chains, but not yet a bead.  Anyway let me show you the finish product before I meander too much.

As you can see, I kept on with the curly copper theme.  I didn't use much of her beads (I'll use them in something else) but they were definitely the inspiration behind my using so many pearls.  The turquoise matches the blue pendant much better than what shows in the picture.  

Without further ado, let me post the list of other participants.  Hopefully you'll have time to stop by and don't forget to leave a comment and tell them you did!  I know I enjoy reading people's comments and I'm sure the other artisans do too.  Also don't be afraid to hop around on the list below.  So often people begin at the top and by the time they hit the 'm's' they are tired of looking and hopping.  I try to skip around and show some love to the people in the middle and on the bottom of the list.

Hostess, Lori Anderson, Pretty Things

Adlinah Kamsir, Dream Struck Designs
Adrienn Lukacs, Raszputyin Designs
Agata Grygiel, Cytherea Bijoux 
Alenka Obid, Pepita Handmade 
Amy Dickerson, Damyjo Designs 
Amy Schmidt, Amy's Treasure 
Amy Severino, Amy Beads 

Andrea Trank, Heaven Lane Creations
Anke Humpert, Anart Island Studios
Ann Rishell, My Critical Eye
April Grinaway, Brooklyn Bead Goddess 
Ashley Bunting, Miss Ashely Kate 
Astrid Boyce, Astrid Boyce Beads 
B.R. Kuhlman, Mixed Mayhem Studios 
Barbe Saint John, Saints and Sinners

Beata Benkone Meggyesi, Beahobbi
Brandy McNair, Bella Vita Handmade Jewelry 
 Bryna Lumb, Bryna's Bead Box
Carmen Lau, Little Maketto
Cate van Alphen, Fulgorine
Cathie Carroll, Cathie Carroll's Studio
Cathy Khoury, Touch Jewelry 
Christina Stofmeel, Feng Beads 

 Collette Collins, Fire Fly Myst Artisan Jewelry
Courtney Breul, Beads by Breul 
Crystal Thain, Here Bead Dragons
Cynthia Abner, Created Treasures
Deana Hager, Just Deez'Art & Life
Debbie Phenes, Deb Joy Sing
Dhea Powers, Java Bead

Diana Welte, Lilyweeds
Dita Basu, alankarshilpa
Dorota Zeranska, gdymamczas 
Dot Lewallwn, Speedie Beadie
Elisabeth Auld, Beads For Busy Gals
Ema Kilroy, Ema K Designs
Emma Todd, A Polymer Penchant
Eva Sherman, Eva Sherman Designs
Evie and Beth McCord, EB Bead and Metal Works
Francy Inman, Francy's Studio

Ginger Bishop, lilmummy likes...
Giorgia Rossini, Jo in Wonderland
Ine Vande Cappelle, Jewels by Ine 
Iveth Caruso, Creative Atelier 
JJ Jacobs, Coming Abstractions
Jackie Ryan, Kydo Jewellery
Jeannie Dukic, Jeannie's Blog
Jelveh Jaferian, Jelveh Designs
Jenna Tomalka, Twin Birch Studio
Jenni Connolly, Jenni's Beads

Jennifer Van Horn, Jennifers Jewels and Junk
Jo-Ann Woolverton, It's a Beadiful Creation
Johanna Rhodes-Nash, Fire Phoenix Creations 
 Joyce Blair, Bent Wire West Coast
JuLee Wolfe, The Polymer Penguin
Karen Vincent, Swallow Tail Jewellery
Karin Slaton, Backstory Beads
Kayla Potega, The Eclectic Element 
Kim Dworak, CianciBlue
Kris Lanae Binsfeld, Cherish Designs by Kris Lanae

Kristen Latimer, MJM Jewelry Designs
Kumi Fisher, Malie Kai Designs
Kym Hunter, Kym Hunter Designs
Lennis Carrier, Windbent
Leslie Wayment, AA Beads & More
Linda Murphy, Bonita Bead
Lisa Johnson, Whimsey Wonders

Lisa Sittniewski, Love, Yesterdays
Lois Moon, Que Onda, Q'Town?
Lola Surwillo, Bead Lola Bead
Lorelei Eurto, Lorelei's Blog
Lori Bowring Michaud, Artfully Ornamental
Lori Finney, Using My Beads
Margareta Saari, Mags-koruja
Maria Horvath, Horimarika Beads
Marian Hertzog, M's Place

 Mary Ellen Parker, BeeTree by m.e.
Mary K McGraw, MK's Creative Musings
MaryLou Holvenstot, time2cre8 
Martha Aleo, Ornamento
 Maybeline Tay, The Jewelry Larder
Megan Collins, Churchy & Her Sailor
Melissa Meman, Art. Life. Love.
Melissa Mesara, One-Eared Pig Beads
Paige Maxim, Paige Maxim Designs

Pam Farren, re-maker
Pam Hurst, Pam Hurst Designs
Patricia Handschuh, The Color of Dreams
Patty Miller, CabariBeads
Penney Klapoth, Faerie Acres
Regina Santerre, Regina's Writings
Rhea Freitag, starrgazer creates
Rochelle Brisson, A Creative Chelle

Sabine Dittrich, PerlenDschungel
Sandra McGriff, Creative Chaos
Sandra Neights, Petalo Azul
Sandra Young, It's a Bead Life!
Sara Oehler, SoftFlex Girl
Saturday Sequins, Saturday Sequins
Shanti Johnson, Sunshine Bliss
Shari Replogle, Plays With Paper
Sonya Stille, Dreamin' of Beads

Stefanie Teufel, Stefanies Sammelsurium
Tammie Everly, TTE Designs
Tania Spivey, Moobie Grace Designs
Therese Frank, Therese's Treasures
Tina Holden, Polymer Clay Bytes!
Toltec Jewels, Jewel School Friends 

Tracey Nanstad, A Beadiful Mess
Tracy Choy, BumbleBeads Designs
Valerie Norton, Hot Art


  1. Did a great job, Debbie. I like the way you integrated the two metals and it good looks very nice. I like the copper on that turquoise blue. I am still blog hopping because we are still two hours away from midnight:). Keep in touch. Dita.

  2. The colours sing really loudly.Beautiful blend.Love and Hugs Tanya

  3. Very inventive necklace and good job with this cooper wire! Regards from Poland, Dorota

  4. Is there any better summer combination than copper and turquoise? What a fantastic focal - you couldn't have found a better way to incorporate it. And that little pop of fuchsia? Absolutely inspired!

  5. Gorgeous, Debbie! Your work always inspires me!

  6. Whimsical is exactly the word I thought of when I saw your piece. Very fun!

  7. What a fresh combination! So lovely!

  8. What a way to showcase that wonderful focal bead - love the wire wrapping! Beautiful piece!

  9. I love what you did with the focal! Beautiful pieces.

  10. Isn't it great how the BSBP makes us all try something different? I had a couple of 'firsts' myself. I like how you chose to wire-wrap the focal when you'd never done it before. I think the end result turned out really well. Great job on your bead soup!

  11. I like the way you wrapped the focal! Very nice. :)

  12. Love the wire wrapping around the focal bead. Very pretty necklace :)

  13. Fun design! Fun wire wrap and the fuscia pop is great.

  14. What a whimsical piece. Lovely.

  15. Oh I know what u meant! The BSBP is a wonderful way to make us try something new! I had never really paid attention to wire wrapping but this BSBP made me tried wire wrapping. I am glad you enjoyed playing with your pieces.

  16. Love this! so whimsical :)

  17. very beautiful mix of materials. these are such delightful pieces! ~diana

  18. Love the curly wire wrapping. It does match the bead so well. Great job!

  19. The way you have brought those colors together is wonderful. You have done a fabulous job.

    Melissa Muir

  20. very beautiful soup, and very beautiful necklace: many colors putted togheter, but they work very well!
    ciao dall'Italia

  21. Good job on your first wirework.It looks like a fun piece to wear.

  22. Colorful design, very pretty.

  23. Such a beautiful and colorful necklace! Love how your strand colors pick up the colors in the pendant.

  24. Like the mixture of gold and copper.

  25. oooh.. your soup's colour combination was tricky but you managed to pull it off!! great work with the wire wrap and i think the dragonfly dangle is cute!

  26. Great job on your first wire wrapping, it looks beautiful. I love what you created with your soup!

  27. That focal is beautiful ... I like the wire wrapping you did.

  28. Great job... fun wire work... super cute dragonfly! Kris

  29. How that focal piece!! Nice job and lovely creation!

  30. Yup, I'm skipping around too for the same reason! It takes longer than I imagined to check out everyone's work.
    I love the way this bead soup inspires so many of us to try a new technique. Bravo for your first attempt at wire wrapping a bead. It came out great!

  31. That's a necklace full of whimsy, so fitting for the soup. Well done

  32. You did a great job with the wirework, and the necklace is lovely.

  33. Wire wrapping that beautiful focal was a good choice. You did a great job!

  34. For your first time wrapping, it turned out great. I like the pops of color throughout the necklace. Nice job.

  35. Such a great design and you did really beautiful work for your first wrap job! It's a gorgeous piece!!!

  36. A lovely piece very nice wrap for your first Debbie, well done!

  37. Hi Debbie,
    Beautiful necklace, I like what you did with the focal bead.

  38. I love all the pearls! So pretty!

  39. I love the pearls and the copper! Awesome work!

  40. I love the copper and the dragonfly! It is so pretty and so whimsical!

  41. Great job wire wrapping the focal. It came out great.

  42. Very nice! I like the pearls and copper combination as well.

  43. Great job...wonderful job on your first wire work. The pearls look great with the copper.